Construction fences

During 2009 and 2010, construction sites in Helsinki area began to have plywood walls around them, to make the city look nicer. These plywood walls, again, drew the attention of visually oriented people.  The question arose: what could they be used for? These blank walls are the perfect canvas for meaningful and visually appealing street art.

This is how the idea of the Open Call- projects began. Maybe you’ve seen some colorful construction fences while wondering in the streets of Helsinki? Maybe you are a local artist and would like to participate in painting those?

We will announce in our blog and Facebook-page when there are new projects coming.
We have developed a procedure that can be accepted by all parties, including city authorities and owners of the construction sites. Permission for use of each wall are sought from both of these parties, and artists are first asked to make a sketch of their work, before implementation on the wall.

If you would like to organize something similar, feel free to get our best tips from D-I-Y-page! Remember to catch some facts and guidelines for Open Call-projects from the FAQ-page.

Multicoloured Dreams wishes to inspire many kinds of artists into thinking about novel and inspiring ways of using public space!

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