MCD series 2- with Miesten Vikko

We are, now, starting on the next phase of the project- to create a series of works that will be part of the Miesten Viikko. This is in collaboration with the organisation Miessakit, a Finnish non-profit organisation with the mission of the mental, psychological and social growth and development of men. They coordinate the annual Miesten Viikko – Men’s Week in Finland, 8.-14- November ending on Father’s Day. This year’s theme is Isyys on miesten juttu – “Fatherhood is a men’s thing”.

For our series of works this time, we have decided to work with this theme Being a Father. This opens the doors to various kinds of interpretations: stories of fatherhood, the kind of father one wants to be, a father’s trials and tribulations and the world that they wished for us.

We welcome all works with a focus on painting and spray-painting. The deadline is 15th October 2010. And the works can be sent to: Please consider that the size of the work should be designed for 3.6m wide x 2.4m tall.

Lets create new stories for the city!!

MCD party….17th Sept 2010….

As you all know, we had our opening party at Porvoonkadun Baari. Fantastic fantastic place and even more fantastic staff!!!

We had cakes, bowls of chips, some lovely cheese, fruit piled up and half the bar reserved for us. Most people started turning up at about 7pm and joining in. Around 7.30 pm, the producers of MCD i.e. Pauliina, Satu and Kavita spoke about the project, their motivations to do it, their experiences and what the future could be for the project. After that, everyone- artists and friends- shared their stories and dreams about the pieces and the project. Everyone got to meet and mingle, and the party progressed onto the end of the night.

MCD will be continuing and anyone is free to participate. We are, now, accepting concepts and sketches of what could go onto these temporary surfaces. When we have a wall and have sorted the formalities, we can continue dreaming…