MCD for Miesten Viikko # 10

‘Surviving is not a crime’ by Kukka Ranta & Laura Lehtinen

“After Romania and Bulgaria joined to the European Union in 2007 many Roma started to use their right for the free movement and residence in other EU Member States in search of better conditions of life. Even though they haven’t been able to leave the discrimination behind. It seems to follow them where ever they go.

Because of the lack of job opportunities many Roma have been contending for the most precarious works with immigrants without papers and are mostly earning their living by begging money, selling flowers or collecting bottles on the streets of European cities, as well as in Helsinki.

”I dream of one day being able to settle down somewhere with my family. Rent a flat, find a job and put my children to school. To live and be treated like a normal person,” said a Roma man living in a caravan in Helsinki.”


MCD for Miesten Viikko # 8

‘The world our fathers wished for us 2’ by Pilvenpiirtäjät (Heidi Hänninen and Grigorij Pisarenko)

We give our children a certain kind of model how they should live, what they should do, what kind of plans they should make and have for the future and what does it mean to be a boy or a girl…

We divide our one world into two different parts: 1. nature and 2. spaces that human being has built for himself. Being divided and pressured, is it really the only way to live and understand this life?

MCD for Miesten Viikko # 7

‘Flexible man – Joustava mies’ by Aino Lemetyinen, assisted by Gerard Cabarrocas Cerra

Since I havent found one, I decided to paint my “dream man”. He is tall and fine, and flexible. Flexible is also a word which describes him and his attitude in life. He lives a colourfull life and what he knows for sure is to RELAX! More relaxed paintings coming soon in Chile.

MCD for Miesten Viikko # 6

‘Iskä on partahylje’ (‘Daddy is a beard seal’) by Tenho Raaterova, assisted by Morris Raaterova, Terhi Ekebom, Tomi Sipilä

The time spent together and doing together is an important part of the relationship between father and son. Our conjoint drawing and painting hobby is a way of communication where both of us inspire each other. The name of the work; ‘Daddy is a beard seal’ is based on a drawing by my son Morris. The objects are some part drawn by Morris and other part dad’s narration on their play’s together. The names, play’s and chat’s that were invented during the drawing together, are placed as short texts into the painting (Daddy is a monster, Morris is a windy hair, little fish…).

Yhdessä vietetty aika ja tekeminen ovat tärkeä osa isän ja pojan suhdetta. Yhteinen piirtämis/maalaamisharrastuksemme on kommunikaatiota, jossa molemmat toimivat toistensa inspiraation lähteinä. Teoksen nimi “Iskä on partahylje”, perustuu poikani Morriksen piirrokseen. Hahmot/esineet ovat puoliksi Morriksen piirtämiä ja puoliksi isän kuvauksia yhteisestä tekemisestä. Piirtämisen yhteydessä syntyneet nimet, leikit ja jutustelut ovat lyhyinä teksteinä osana maalausta (iskä on hirviö, isokala…Morris on tuulitukka, pikkukala…).

MCD for Miesten Viikko # 1

‘Man in the morning’ by Tiina Humaloja

The man of the painting is humouristicly  set in a controversial state, where he doesn’t fulfill the traditional man’s role. The work comments on masculine values that is still part of this society, for example in the church.

Teoksen mies asettuu huumorin avulla ehkä ristiriitaiseenkin tilaan, jossa hän ei täytä perinteistä “miehen mittaa”. Teos kommentoi myös niitä miehisiä arvoja, joita yhteiskunnan, muun muassa kirkon, riveissä vallitsee.