Satu Kettunen
Assisted by Kavita Gonsalves.

I wanted to make super naive clouds for the busy people running around. Pink and glittery clouds remind about the importance of reaching for one’s dreams, remembering that not everything has to be so serious, and that miracles do happen.



I ❤ Helsinki

Susanna Honkasalo
Assisted by Johanna Valasti and the Lahti Art Crew.

I have been an over-achiever for too long, multitasking and never really been able to live in this moment, stopping, relaxing. This summer my life changed and I was forced to slow down and rethink my values. Downshifting in my hometown, Helsinki, opened up a door to a completely new world of details, beauty and surprises. The world, I have been too busy to see. I want to share this experience with you.

Stockmann 29 August 2010


Multicoloured Dreams band

Milla Risku
Assisted by Katja Piirainen.

I´m enthusiastic about music!  It´s one of my favourite motifs. The man and the woman in the painting are characters in two different postcards I designed earlier this year. It was great fun to combine them and find new meanings behind the bubbles.Lauri from the Stockmann-site was being friendly lending me a ladder. Many site workers and passers by were being supportive by different ways, bringing coffee, having a chat, taking a photo, smiling. I’d like to thank all of them, not forgetting the incredibly effective MCD-team, Pauliina, Satu and Kavita!