Meri Mort
Assisted by Susanna Honkasalo & Satu Kettunen.

There is a gathering going on in the city. Creatures who roam mysteriously amongst us, are here now, revealing themselves. From the depths of the sea to the height of the mountains, these friendly Gate Keepers say ‘Hello’ to all.

Let your imagination rule as you walk through the familiar streets of Helsinki.



8 p.m.

Susanna Honkasalo
Assisted by Aki Honkasalo and Marissa Jalasvirta.

For me it’s kinda a closure to this project. I made my first work to a wall, that was torn apart. So, I decided to make a new one. It has got totally new set of pics, mainly of the other works in the MCD-project.

8 p.m. is the time it gets dark in Helsinki this time of the year. That is when people start to get ready for the night, dreaming their multicoloured dreams.



Bamboo Forest

Noora Aaltonen, Elina Tenho & Inari Virkkala
Assisted by Karoliina Hartiala, Ville Karhu and Mikaela Neuvo.

We are bringing a slice of bamboo forest to Helsinki, to add some color and sunshine, but mostly to remind about the ecosystems in the other parts of the world, which is being jeopardized by industrialised living. The painting has two aims: to highlight our project of building a youth center in Cambodia and to present a prototype of  the youth centre’s wall facade. However, it was important to us that the artwork process was enjoyable; it managed to wonderfully involve the participation from people from the street.




Milla Risku
Assisted by Maarit Lehtinen and Tuomas Laitinen.

The painting “Padam!” was originally a flyer for a mask theatre performance  I did last year. Later I had the motif printed as a postcard and now it can be found as a street art painting. I find it extremely interesting to work on different levels and techniques. I´m planning to make the two different forms of art,  meet on the street, one day,  as they are both representing the same musical idea.