About us

Multicoloured Dreams (MCD) is a Finnish street art collective. It was founded by three artists in Helsinki on summer 2010. Its aims were as well increasing the amount of art and culture on the streets of Helsinki as encouraging everybody to participate in creative action in the common space. First MCD projects focused on legally transforming the city’s construction fences into galleries of street art. These projects were open to the local artists and based on voluntary work.

MCD developed a procedure that was accepted by all parties, including city authorities and owners of the construction sites.  Permission for use of each wall were sought from both of these parties, and artists were first asked to make a sketch of their work, before implementation on the wall.

Now after 3 years MCD has got a core group of 10 people. We do varied projects including street art workshops, commissioned works for big walls, parking halls and other public spaces. We have been honored to be the main guest in the street art festival “Sonum Seinal” and also participated in “Street art- the next generation” -exhibition in Pori, Art Häme-festival in Riihimäki and Prosessifestivaali in Helsinki. We’ve worked together with public instances, like libraries, schools and cities. Our team also still organizes the Open Call-events that focus on construction fences.

Team of the Multicoloured Dreams is at the moment:

Elissa Eriksson

Helsinki based artist, designer and art educator. Her final project for the art education master’s degree “Tämä on kuitenkin minun kaupunkini” (‘This is after all my city’) focused on the questions of urban space, art and activism. (More about the project, see e.g. Haluan nähdä muutakin)

Heidi Hänninen

“For me, art is the lifeblood. Art is another, more humane, point of view for our society that depends on the constant growth of economy. I am an art educator and student of Fine Arts in Taik. Being an artist and an art teacher goes hand-in-hand in my thinking.”


“I’m a graphic designer, self taught artist and all around media worker from Finland. I love photography, traveling and creative writing, old cars, horses, flowers and bohemian decorations and colors. I wish to create imaginary, beautiful, playful and dreamy scenery to the streets of Helsinki. I’m keen on colourful portraits.”

Veera Jalava

“As a child I wanted to become a crane operator. Crane operators work on cranes to lift, move position and place machinery, equipment or other large objects at construction sites, industrial facilities, ship-loading docks, railway yards and wherever there are large, heavy objects to be moved or lifted.
Even my work as an art educator couldn’t keep me away from these places. Art is an uplifting experience.”

Satu Kettunen

Helsinki based illustrator who enjoys working with collage and mixed media, gets inspired by art in public spaces, loves colours and Jeunet & Caro’s movies.

Laura lehtiNEN

Sara Multanen

“I’m a spatial designer studying for masters degree in Taik. I’m interested in creating truly open public spaces that have no commercial expectations or limitations to their users.”

Ilona Partanen

Illustrator & graphic designer who’s interested illustrating big spaces and different materials. Dreams, witty humour and double meanings are the usual ingredients in my works. Bright colours and patterns inspires me.

jesse pasanen

Graphic designer + illustrator + workshop organizer + freestyle rapper.

Maikki Rantala

Graphic designer and illustrator. Likes to combine: Helsinki archipelago and kayaking&camping, Helsinki central park and gardening, bicycle cellar and furniture building, empty walls and street art.

Hans-Peter Schütt

Turku based artist, gallerist & art educator and he is thinking on a monday evening that art is a gift, a treasure, a surprise.

Founders of the MCD

Multicoloured Dreams was founded in 2010 by Kavita Gonsalves, Satu Kettunen and Pauliina Seppälä.

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