MCD for Miesten Viikko # 10

‘Surviving is not a crime’ by Kukka Ranta & Laura Lehtinen

“After Romania and Bulgaria joined to the European Union in 2007 many Roma started to use their right for the free movement and residence in other EU Member States in search of better conditions of life. Even though they haven’t been able to leave the discrimination behind. It seems to follow them where ever they go.

Because of the lack of job opportunities many Roma have been contending for the most precarious works with immigrants without papers and are mostly earning their living by begging money, selling flowers or collecting bottles on the streets of European cities, as well as in Helsinki.

”I dream of one day being able to settle down somewhere with my family. Rent a flat, find a job and put my children to school. To live and be treated like a normal person,” said a Roma man living in a caravan in Helsinki.”


2 thoughts on “MCD for Miesten Viikko # 10

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