MCD series 2- with Miesten Vikko

We are, now, starting on the next phase of the project- to create a series of works that will be part of the Miesten Viikko. This is in collaboration with the organisation Miessakit, a Finnish non-profit organisation with the mission of the mental, psychological and social growth and development of men. They coordinate the annual Miesten Viikko – Men’s Week in Finland, 8.-14- November ending on Father’s Day. This year’s theme is Isyys on miesten juttu – “Fatherhood is a men’s thing”.

For our series of works this time, we have decided to work with this theme Being a Father. This opens the doors to various kinds of interpretations: stories of fatherhood, the kind of father one wants to be, a father’s trials and tribulations and the world that they wished for us.

We welcome all works with a focus on painting and spray-painting. The deadline is 15th October 2010. And the works can be sent to: Please consider that the size of the work should be designed for 3.6m wide x 2.4m tall.

Lets create new stories for the city!!

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