MCD party….17th Sept 2010….

As you all know, we had our opening party at Porvoonkadun Baari. Fantastic fantastic place and even more fantastic staff!!!

We had cakes, bowls of chips, some lovely cheese, fruit piled up and half the bar reserved for us. Most people started turning up at about 7pm and joining in. Around 7.30 pm, the producers of MCD i.e. Pauliina, Satu and Kavita spoke about the project, their motivations to do it, their experiences and what the future could be for the project. After that, everyone- artists and friends- shared their stories and dreams about the pieces and the project. Everyone got to meet and mingle, and the party progressed onto the end of the night.

MCD will be continuing and anyone is free to participate. We are, now, accepting concepts and sketches of what could go onto these temporary surfaces. When we have a wall and have sorted the formalities, we can continue dreaming…


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