Hedelmäunelma/dream fruits

Maikki Rantala
Assisted by Niko Hakkarainen.

I never usually do anything in big scale. So I just let it go and used a lot of splashing colors. The location next to parliament was really inspiring. Somebody even attached a sticker “”visitor of parliament”” into one of my characters so I let it stay there. Cause I would really like to see if these migrants could actually get invited into parliament.

My work is expressing those dreams people have about Europe and Western countries and how they end up exploited black market workers in Italy Spain etc. The same problem exist in U.S. as well. I don’t get this “”maahanmuuttokriittisyys”” as long as those same people are taking advantage of other people’s weak position – and their dreams for better life: all European and American agricultural businesses are based on exploitation. That’s why we have our cheap nectarines etc. in our shops. Why do we have a fair trade system for products coming from developing countries? Why European Union has human rights subcommittee under committee of foreign affairs while we should really admit that the problem exist right here, inside our borders, we do have human right violations inside our own system. Why western countries always like to go around telling everybody else how they should get things right?
I want European fair trade products!!!
More information about the subject:http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/press/release.cfm?id=4146&cat=press-release&ref=related-sidebar