How to survive without religion?

Pauliina Seppälä
Assisted by artist’s 5 year old son and partner.

I wanted to think of differerent techniques for street art. I had been making  fabric sculptures and lampshades inside, with a product that is also used in garden statues, so it works outside too. I wanted to try to create something with the same technique on the street. So I ended up making relief type of forms. At first, the piece had three parts, and the meaning was in the their three different coloures. But the process went on, and eventually I ended up with just one piece, and the question “How to survive without religion?” which is something I have been thinking about lately. I think the finished piece is a little bit weird, and the colour combination a little bit unpleasant, but yet there is something very physical and real in it, something that keeps bothering, something that is not right. Which qualities, I think, do work on the streets.

[Parliament 28 August 2010]

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